24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service.

Qualified Tradesmen From All Sectors On Standby Nationwide For Any Call Outs.

Survey & Recommendation Service.

Quoted Works.

24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service

FM Total’s management and senior engineers are available to contact and call out 24/7. We have a team of fully qualified and certified tradesmen from all sectors available, should any incidents, accidents or breakdowns occur. All engineers are pre-stocked with the most common parts and materials should they be required outside of normal working hours, to ensure your business doesn’t suffer any downtime.

Qualified Tradesmen From All Sectors On Standby Nationwide For Any Call Outs

FM Total have secured access to a wide range of fully qualified and certified contractors and tradesmen nationwide. This means that we can react quickly and efficiently to call outs or upgrade works anywhere in the country, to deal with any type of problem.

Survey & Recommendation Service

If you are unsure of the right course of action to take following an issue to your premises, or around the necessary scale of upcoming works, FM Total can carry out a detailed survey of the issue or the area requiring upgrading and report back to you with a detailed report highlighting possible issues and solutions.

Quoted Works

Should you require all works to be approved before proceeding, FM Total can have our engineer on site report back with a breakdown of what is required, and we can have a quote generated straight away for your approval before any works are started. Should you have any issues, wish for further works to be completed or even want the works proposed to be scaled back, this can all be agreed before any works commence.


In the event of an emergency (leak, break, lights going out etc), how quick can you respond?

Immediately, once called upon. Depending on the severity and the request, we can dispatch crews from all trades nationwide to deal with any emergency calls or incidents. Upon receiving reactive calls we aim to attend within that working day, if the client is happy that the incident isn’t directly affecting the business, we will respond within 24 – 48 hours depending.

We need our premises to be fully operational for customers or meetings throughout the day, can works be completed before opening?

Should something stop working, break or if you notice something needs fixing the evening before an important meeting, event or that might affect staff, we will have personnel on site early the next morning to make sure everything is fully operational before normal working hours commence.

Our premises has lots of old lights and AC Units etc that keep breaking down, can you provide us with a new economical install?

Yes, we can take a look at what is required and prepare a detailed specification and quote for new installs, taking care of everything from supply and fit to termination and certification. Should you just want to repair existing equipment, we can also trace down parts and work to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

We have a number of small jobs around our premises that we need taken care of? Can this be done?

Of course, no job is too small and when our engineer is on site, because they are all multi-skilled , they should be able to complete any other relevant tasks or jobs required if noticed or requested.