These services are available upon request or as part of a scheduled programme.

Winter Maintenance

Window Mechanism Servicing

Generator Servicing.

Window Cleaning Service.

Landscape Maintenance & Weed Control Spraying.

Oil & Gas Boiler Servicing.

Access Controls & Alarm Servicing.

Fire & Intruder Alarm Monitoring.

CCTV Maintenance.

Key Holding.

AC Unit Servicing.

Drainage Clearing/Jetting & Surveying.

Roller Door Servicing.

Storage Heater Maintenance.

Water Tank Cleaning & Inspections.

Fixed Monthly Maintenance Agreement For Tradesmen For A Day A Month.

Internal & External Door Servicing

General Carpentry & Trade Services.

Painting & Decoration.

Winter Maintenance

Completed in early winter following the autumn leaf fall, these works see all drains, gutters and roofs cleaned, as well as carrying out other checks and inspections around the premises to prevent any issues or blocking of drainage systems occurring during the winter months.

FM Total engineers carry out all works, and when they are on site they can look after any other issues that clients may have on the property. All works are reported upon completion, and documentation is submitted to the client making them fully aware of all actions completed.

Window Mechanism Servicing

Do you find that your premises has a lot of issues with the opening and closing of windows? Have one of our FM engineers attend your site on a fixed number of yearly visits to complete servicing works on all handles and mechanisms on window openings. All additional works or replacement materials, should they be required, will be costed for your approval before any installations take place.

Generator Servicing.

If your premises has a back-up generator on site, this can be serviced yearly, or in some cases monthly, to ensure everything is running okay should it be required. Upgrade works, or replacement works can also be organised and planned if needed.

Window Cleaning Service

Catering for both internal and external window cleaning, we can facilitate regular scheduling of external window cleaning, with internal glass cleaning taking place on the same days. Access and supply of all equipment is agreed with the client prior to works commencing so that no disturbance is caused. High reach systems are available for multi-storey buildings also.

Landscape Maintenance & Weed Control Spraying

We can look after the maintenance and upkeep of gardens, car parks, walkways, shrubbery and hedges. Our engineers are fully trained and certified in the spraying of weed killer/chemicals, with full access to spraying equipment and all necessary gardening accessories.

Reports are submitted after every visit, featuring “before and after” photos for the client’s reference should any questions be raised in the future. Environmentally friendly options are also available upon request.

Oil & Gas Boiler Servicing

FM Total has access to a wide network of RGI (Registered Gas Installers) plumbers nationwide, with whom we can schedule complete servicing works to your boilers. Should any repairs or upgrade works be required, these works are quoted for upon request. Full certification and reports are submitted upon completion by the RGI plumber.

Access Controls & Alarm Servicing

FM Total carry out regular testing and certification of clients’ intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems. Systems can be altered or expanded to suit each client’s needs.

Fire & Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm systems are important systems to alert occupants of a building when fire or smoke is detected. Regular servicing of these systems is a statutory requirement.

CCTV Maintenance

In making sure your premises are always under watch and secured, it is essential that on-site CCTV is maintained and serviced twice yearly. If your system is not kept up to date then it may be too late should it need to be called upon. Our engineers will always advise if any upgrades or additional units are required to keep your premises up to standard.

Key Holding

FM Total provides a key holding service for clients with multiple properties.

AC Unit Servicing

Regular servicing of air conditioning systems is beneficial for the efficient running of equipment and reducing breakdown risks. These works are carried out twice yearly, with full report and documentation complied and submitted upon completion.

FM Total can facilitate the scheduling, co-ordinating of works, reporting and recommendations should upgrade works be required. All reports are made available via an on-site folder, and also via an online shared access point.

Drainage Clearing/Jetting & Surveying

FM Total can assist with the scheduling or reactive call outs for complete draining and cleaning, as well as jetting should it be required.

Roller Door Servicing

Facilities using roller doors, if not serviced and inspected at least once yearly, can be subject to numerous breakdowns or issues over time. These issues can affect the day-to-day activities of the business with regards to the access or delivery of materials/goods.

FM Total can schedule these works to take place during a down time so that business will not be affected when servicing works are ongoing. Full certification and documentation is made available following all works.

Storage Heater Maintenance

Before the colder winter months set in and the barrage for extra heat in all premises rockets, why not ensure all your existing storage heaters are fully operational before the cold mornings arrive.

We can schedule a fixed annual visit to your premises, to carry out a detailed inspection and service of all storage heaters on the premises to ensure that when they are needed they work!

Water Tank Cleaning & Inspections

FM Total can facilitate with the inspection, cleaning and prevention of any issues with water tanks on your companies premises. This service includes a detailed inspection of all connections and pipe work to the tank, as well as inspection of the tank itself for any defects.

Following this, our engineers can advise regarding the quality of the tank, or possible upgrade works required. Again, this is completed in the hope of preventing more serious issues occurring in the future and causing the business to suffer downtime whilst repairs are ongoing.

Fixed Monthly Maintenance Agreement For Tradesmen For A Day A Month

One of the most popular options amongst our current clients, FM Total conducts a survey of your premises, establishes a list of the most common issues and areas of potential issues going forward, and with one pre-scheduled monthly visit, completes all inspections and works on this checklist.

Internal & External Door Servicing

The constant opening and closing of main entrance doors (often heavy duty), can cause damage to frames, hinges, locks and closers. This can affect the appearance of the premises should your customers and clients find doors not being fit to open easily or close.

FM Total can arrange with you to schedule a series of fixed yearly visits to carry out service works on all internal and external doors, thus ensuring that appearances, ease of access, security and drafts are kept to the highest standard.

General Carpentry & Trade Services

FM Total has direct access to a wide network of tradesmen from all categories, who can attend quickly to any issues you may have on your premises if required.

Painting & Decoration

We can facilitate any painting or decoration works at your premises. With numerous sub-contractors enlisted by ourselves nationwide, painting and decoration works can be completed quickly and without disruption to the business. This can be surveyed and quoted for in advance of receiving approval.


Our premises does not have a designated facilities manager in place, can you look after this for us?

Absolutely, our aim is to remove any scheduling, paperwork or disruption to normal business activities for regular staff and management. This work will be carried out by ourselves, and once completed then certificates and maintenance logs will be issued to you via both an on-site folder should inspection or audit be carried out, and also made available online via file transfer to have on record.

Will any works that you plan interfere with day-to-day business, or disrupt staff and customers?

All works and times will be agreed with you at least 5 days in advance so as to allow adequate notice to staff and management. Should out-of-hours work be required by you, this won’t be a problem and will be scheduled the same way with access measures put in place. Areas of works are cornered off and secured so as to not cause any interference with your customers.

We have a specialist piece of equipment on our site that needs regular servicing, can this be arranged?

Yes, many clients have different needs with different equipment. We will visit your site, survey and inspect the equipment and then discuss what you would like to be carried out with suitable time frames for these works.