At FM Total Facility Services we offer a wide range of Health & Safety and Security services, these include:

Safety Statement – Preparation & Review.

Risk Assessments.

Display Screen. Assessment/training (VDU).

Manual Handling Training.

Pregnant Employee Assessment.

Safety Audits.

Statutory Inspection Management.

Safety Training Management – First aid/forklift/ Safe Pass.

Fire Safety Management.

Contractor Safety Management

Safety Statement – Preparation & Review

FM Total can provide you with assistance should your business require the preparation of a new safety statement, the updating of an existing statement to match new regulations, or should you have any queries about certain points in your statement that may be causing confusion or raising issues.

Risk Assessments

FM Total can provide generic or site-specific risk assessments for all sites and premises, should they be required as part of quality control, or due to works being undertaken on the premises.

Display Screen. Assessment/training (VDU)

FM Total can provide visual display unit assessments and training either on site to staff or via an online conference call. This ensures that all employees are carrying out their day-to-day tasks at their desks in a safe and secure manner, meaning posture, lighting and all surrounding settings are correct.

Manual Handling Training

FM Total can provide Manual Handling Training to all staff either on site or remotely if required. It is essential for businesses of all types to have their employees trained and covered should any accidents occur.

Pregnant Employee Assessment

FM Total can provide assessments for pregnant employees to ensure their work area is suitable for works to take place, and making it as supportive as possible should the employee require anything extra.

Safety Audits

All businesses should complete regular yearly audits to ensure no issues have risen in the previous 12 months, and that all staff are trained and competent should any incident occur. FM can provide you with trained H&S auditors, who will complete this audit on your premises and report back following this. This allows companies seeking to maintain existing quality awards and those perusing such awards to make sure their standards are high, prior to any external audits.

Statutory Inspection Management

FM Total can carry out fixed inspections on all plant and equipment should a client’s premises have any on site that need yearly servicing. All equipment tested on site would be labelled to display that maintenance works have taken place and a log provided for office use. In addition to the general legal requirement for regular inspections of work equipment, there are certain specific statutory requirements for equipment that is likely to have more serious consequences in the event of failure. Equipment covered by these requirements include:
Lifting equipment – e.g. cranes, lifts, chains and wire rope slings
Pressure equipment – e.g. compressors and air receivers
Ventilation equipment – e.g. equipment used to extract hazardous substances from the workplace

Safety Training Management – First aid/forklift/ Safe Pass

FM Total can provide your staff or personnel with site specific training and certification if required, either new or refreshed. Please contact us for more details on this.

Fire Safety Management

FM Total can provide on site fire safety management and training to staff if required.


We are quite a large company with all staff based in one large office space? Can staff training and audits be carried out on our own site?

Yes of course, FM Total offers all mentioned testing, training and audits to be carried out on the client’s premises with a full feedback report session also completed on site.

We have never carried out VDU or ergonomic training and assessments on staff before, is it a time consuming or worthwhile exercise?

This is a must for all employers to carry out, not least due to the fact that it can save employers should staff be affected by a simple work place incident or make a complaint about work conditions. This is a simple 10 minute assessment on each person at their work station to evaluate posture, reach and eye line of computers or equipment. It also takes into consideration other aspects of the office environment, including correct lighting and heat to ensure staff are comfortable and not posed with any issues to cause complaint.