Emergency Numbers & Procedure

Main Office  – (046) 907 3449
Noel Conway – (087) 988 0355
Pádraig McGahern  – (083) 470 5033
Garrett Rothwell – (087) 285 2436

FM Total Reactive Maintenance Procedure

In the event of an emergency:

  • Contact the FM Total helpdesk by email or phone:

    info@fmtotal.ie / (087) 988 0335 / (087) 470 5033

    with designated job number for tracking purposes.

  • The Helpdesk will log the issue with both client and FM job number and schedule a response immediately.
  • In the case of an emergency, the response will be on the same day and actioned as soon as possible.
  • In all other cases, issues are dealt with within 24 hours, unless stated otherwise during time of logging.
  • The Helpdesk will liaise with the client’s representative prior to works commencing, with names of who will be attending, dates and times of work. The client will organise access and security clearance for FM staff to complete those works.
  • The Helpdesk will keep in contact with the client throughout the works until they are completed. If our staff notice any underlying issues during the works then these will be recorded and reported to the client for approval to be granted before addressing those issues.
  • Upon completion, the Helpdesk will contact the client to confirm that works are complete.